Our Wallet Features
Best Wallet System for WooCommerce

Wallet for WooCommerce: adds a wallet function to your store.

feature one

Wallet Payment Getway

Works like a separate payment gateway for using the wallet funds for placing the order.

feature two

Fund transfer and request

Your users can transfer/request funds to other users on your site. You have the option of charging your users a fund transfer fee.

feature three

Wallet auto top-up

Your users can choose to add funds automatically to their wallets if the wallet balance goes below a specified amount.

feature four

Gift Coupons

The Gift Coupon Module enables you to generate gift coupons that contain wallet balances. You can issue gift your user coupons which they can redeem to add to their wallet balance.

feature five

Wallet balance with expiry dates

You can set up an expiry date for your user’s wallet balance.

feature six

Wallet activities

You can gift wallet balances to your users for the following activities,

feature five

Email Notifications

You can send email notifications to your users based on their Wallet activities.


Offer ease to your users

Your customers can plan their purchases and add sufficient funds to their accounts to complete them later.

Faster checkout

When your users place their orders through their wallet, they can quickly complete their purchase which mitigates cart-abandonment.

Insights on future sales

You can get insights on future sales on your site based on the wallet balance of your users.

Optimized User Experience

Tera Wallet for Woo Commerce optimizes your payment process and offers a fast & hassle-free method for your users for purchasing products & services.

Wallet Balance Withdrawal

With this add-on, customers can file a withdrawal request to withdraw their wallet balance into their bank account or other payment applications. The merchant can approve or reject these requests in the Withdrawal tab. The request table will also show the needed user info at a glance.

Wallet importer

This powerful add-on empowers the merchant to view all users’ transaction history (filter by users) and download it in a CSV file. It will contain the following data: Name, Email, Role, Amount, Payment Method, Details, Transaction ID, and Date. It will also include the entire transaction history in a tabular format.

Use a shortcode to display the user’s wallet on any page.

If in any case, the wallet amount is lower than the order total, customers can use it to pay a total or partial amount to buy products.

Both debtor and creditor email ids are displayed in the transactions table to customers.

Customers can see their own wallet transactions (credit or debit) and transfer their wallet money.

The admin can restrict any particular wallet user from using the Add Balance, Wallet Transfer, and Wallet Withdrawal Request features in a click.

If in any case the wallet balance is higher than the order total, it will work as a payment option and will be displayed in the payment method selection.

Implement a wallet cashback system cart-wise and category-wise and send all types of cashback rewards into users’ wallets.


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