Hi there,
Did you get any resolution to this problem? I’ve just encountered the same thing on our site: on updating our site, which included updating to a more recent WooCommerce Square plugin (4.5.1 from an earlier 4.x?) any orders placed using Square as a payment are stalling. After clicking the ‘place order’ button the page just ‘spins’ the order ball endlessly and nothing happens. Nothing appears to be logged from what I can see. I’ve done the usual testing with various plugins on and off, and it appears to be Terawallet. Deactivating Terawallet solves the problem. Reactivating it brings the problem back. We’re only using Terawallet (now 1.5.0) to store things like refund credit, we’re not actively using it as a wallet that users can charge/top-up etc. Current Woocommerce version is now 8.6.1. We’re currently having to rely on Paypal as an alternative payment method.


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