Yes, I’ve dropped a direct message to support as well, but not heard anything back. We’ve taken the decision to temporarily disable Terawallet, as having Square available for general order payment is far more important to us and I didn’t want to stay stuck on an older Square plugin. We were using TeraWallet only to support refunds, such as for cancelled orders or items etc, and allow customers to have their refund amounts held as store credit if they wanted (we’re a charity; people are nice like that and usually want to re-spend their funds with us), but for now we’ve just switched to refunding everything straight back to the payment method, and we’re now manually handling/adjusting orders for anyone with an outstanding balance. It’s a bit of a pain, and will be for a while – or until a fix, or until we find another solution – but luckily the numbers are manageable as balances were only ever for refunded orders which are only a small percentage of things. *sigh*. For those refunds where customers would like us to retain funds we’re considering issuing digital ‘gift cards’ instead (which we already have as a purchase option), but it’s a few extra admin steps.


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